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Recent Developments in India’s ESports Industry

Recent Developments in India's ESports Industry

Various recent developments in the Indian eSports industry are bringing positive changes for the competitive gaming community. With increasing monetary backing, the industry is likely to grow significantly in the future through sponsors, advertisements, and investors. As a result, the industry will be extensively monetised. A futuristic trend for the gaming industry in India is the enhanced utility of deep-tech. Aside from eSports, a number of other aspects are also expected to change.


The Indian government is attempting to build bridges between academia and industry. It is working to develop a considerable talent pool and foster new career paths in the gaming industry. Moreover, the government is planning to develop eSports training centers that are centered on developing new games. These centers will foster the development of new game genres in India. This should lead to a growing pool of talented developers.

A recent development in the Indian eSports industry is the popularity of PUBG Mobile. The country dominates the PUBG Mobile rankings. The country has the largest population, increasing mobile usage, and affordable internet access. This is the perfect environment for esports viewing, and India has seen its share of the action. The country has produced a massive esports influencer in the form of “Mortal” on YouTube. His videos have racked up more than 6 million views.

PUBG Mobile

Earlier, Indian eSports players were largely unknown but with the advent of PUBG mobile, the situation has changed completely. Currently, India is atop the rankings of PUBG mobile. This is largely owing to the fact that India has the largest population, increased mobile penetration and affordable internet access. In addition, esports viewing is gaining in popularity across the country. A prominent esports influencer in India is “Mortal,” a former esports player turned caster. Mortal’s videos garner up to fifteen million views each.

In addition to its rapidly growing gaming audience, India is also becoming increasingly innovative. In the last few years, India’s mobile market has experienced incredible growth, with the number of users increasing rapidly. Even today, the average user in India doesn’t monetize their mobile usage very well. However, attitudes are slowly shifting. While Indian gaming has been a long tradition, there is still a cultural lag when compared to the west. Ten years ago, the west had a massive boom in mobile gaming and microtransactions. This is expected to continue.


Recent Developments in Indias eSportS Industry are fueling the growth of the market. This sector is gaining popularity in India as millennials are increasingly fond of playing video games. Furthermore, this industry is attracting a range of new players due to the lucrative opportunities that it offers game developers, gamers, and influencers. The widespread adoption of free-to-play gaming model in India is another growth-inducing factor.

The Indian eSports industry is also benefiting from the rapid growth of the gaming market. It is attracting huge viewerships and revenues due to an increase in the number of players. The rise of mobile gaming has also increased the appeal of esports in India. As a result, Indian players and teams have gained significant importance in the global stage. With increased popularity, sponsors are increasingly stepping up their investments in Indian eSports, and this will help boost the country’s eSports industry.


Recent Developments in Indias eSporta Industry include new initiatives to promote online gaming and encourage more rural citizens to adopt technology. These efforts include improving connectivity and ensuring that gamers have access to high-performance gaming equipment. Telecommunications companies are working towards ensuring that players in India have affordable access to high-speed internet. The government of India is encouraging universities to host Hackathon competitions for students, and data centre parks are being developed to provide digital infrastructure for gaming companies.

Indian gamers and audiences have a strong propensity to spend, and the revenues from these games are proving to be significant. The challenge for Indian gaming and esports companies is to ensure growth that is sustainable. To do that, they must make substantial increases in revenues, as well as develop new competitive games. Recent developments in the Indian esports industry are paving the way for growth in the Indian market.

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