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Top 5 Different Types of Wedding Photography

When you start looking for a wedding photographer, you will come across many stylistic terms you may not have heard of. Many people memoryfilming mistakenly think that a photographer is hired and that is the case. Unfortunately, if you do not know the type / style of the photographer you are working with, it will not be shown in the wedding photos you are expecting. With a little research, you can hire a photographer who shares his or her vision of the perfect wedding album. Here are the different types of wedding photos for you.


This type of photography can be explained. Photos can be saturated with color, ‘special’ effects are given, or wedding photos are difficult to take. If you are planning to post one or more wedding photos on the wall, you will want to find a photographer who specializes in this style.


Although open photography is used by professional photographers, it is a type of photography that is often seen by beginners (unless the photographer has bought a “secondary” to take care of these pictures). The small point and the shooting style are nothing to them. This type of photography is often used at casual weddings.


This type of photography can be a combination of other types or the style of photography currently used. Check out some popular photo magazines or wedding magazines to see what’s popular.

Documentary film

Photographers who use this style try to convey their true feelings for the wedding party and reception through their photos. By looking at a wedding album, you can experience the day without using words or notes. This type of photography is also called photojournalism.


Sometimes referred to as “traditional”, they are cameras that everyone looks at. Group photos of weddings, couples, families and couples are popular.

It is important to convey your wishes to any photographer you want before your wedding day. The next day there will be an opportunity to bring them back (hopefully!) Ask for links from potential photographers and browse their albums – many have online galleries. If they don’t understand what you want, then where else. Most professionals have different styles in their arsenal and you need to give them several different photos in one album. If the person you’re interviewing can’t give you the look you want, that’s the next option. Get the right wedding photography for your wedding, you will always have the most cherished images.

This can be a very difficult time if you are planning your first wedding. I have about 10 years of experience in wedding photography, and to be honest, I’m a little nervous.

But I’ve built a system, I’ve learned a lot, sometimes a hard way, to make things easier. Here are some important tips for wedding photography.

To prepare. 

Keep a list of important people you carry with you every day, so you know who you are and not miss a wedding. You will also need an updated list of group photos of the bride and groom. Organizing teams can be difficult at the best of times, but unplanned chaos can ensue.

Get your hair right. There should be at least two cameras, lenses and one flash in case one breaks. We need extra batteries and memory cards. A good lens is more important than a camera body, and the best lens for wedding photography is the Canon EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS II USM. It’s part of the Canon L series, so it’s not cheap, but its quality and image quality are amazing.

It has an image stabilizer that helps in less situations, and its long focal length allows you to approach couples and not miss an intimate moment. You will also need a wide-angle lens, and you will want to include more positions for group shots and other shots.

Be friendly, polite and charming even if you don’t have friends. Even if you miss one or two shots during the day, don’t rebuke. If you receive guests, they will be able to smile around you, where half the battle will be won.

Be creative in composition and composition selection. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

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