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Toto Diagnostic Center


Toto Diagnostic Center specializes in kidney disease and nephrology. Nephrology specialist Dr. Robert Toto has over 45 years of experience. He is board certified in Nephrology and Glomerulonephritis and accepts new patients and telehealth appointments. If you have symptoms of nephropathy or are looking for a kidney doctor in Dallas, contact Toto today.

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Toto’s latest innovations

If you’re looking for a new bathroom sink or toilet, Toto is your company. Their latest innovations are aimed at making your life easier and more comfortable. These include the new Wellness Toilet, which will monitor your daily waste output for signs of disease. They also have heated seats and built-in bidets. These innovations aren’t yet available to the public, but they may be coming to a bathroom near you soon. The Japanese manufacturer, Toto, recently launched a model with built-in sensors in the toilet bowl. These sensors measure urine volume and flow rate. Other models even monitor your blood glucose and pressure.

Another innovation from TOTO is the CLEAN SYNERGY technology. This technology helps prevent bacteria and viruses from forming and spreading in public restrooms. This technology is compatible with TOTO’s smart-sensor products. These smart-sensor products are connected to a computer or mobile device for reliable, customized, and secure monitoring. In addition, facility managers can view real-time data from their dashboards.

Smart sensor faucets

Toto is the world’s largest plumbing manufacturer with more than $5 billion in annual sales. The company’s TOUCHLESS Smart sensor faucets have won nine Good Green Design Awards. These awards recognize products that help create a greener, healthier world. Additionally, TOTO faucets have received Red Dot and iF Awards for design excellence.

TOTO began developing sensor faucets in 1984 and has sold over seven million of them worldwide. These faucets use sensors to control water flow and conserve energy. Continuous innovation has resulted in dramatic improvements in the technology and usability of these products. The latest TOTO models are more efficient and eco-friendly than ever before.

TOTO’s new TOUCHLESS Smart sensor faucets are available in multiple configurations. For instance, the gooseneck deck mount model has a polished chrome finish, which matches other bathroom fixtures. The faucet’s chrome-plated body also boasts corrosion-resistant properties. The brand also offers wall-mount and semi-vessel versions.

Smart toilet models

Toto’s diagnostic center is a unique technology that lets toilets analyze the waste that a user leaves behind in the bowl. This technology uses built-in sensors to measure the volume of urine and flow rate. Some models also detect body mass index, glucose levels, and blood pressure. The results can be sent to a smartphone app or cloud-based server. The results can help to diagnose health issues, such as kidney failure and bladder cancer.

Smart toilets are not entirely new. The first smart toilets sampled urine for hormone and glucose levels, but the technology failed to gain significant market traction. The company has since stopped selling the devices. However, the market for health-tracking toilets has been growing. In fact, Google has recently granted a patent to a company that produces toilets with integrated sensors.

The standard smart toilet model can cost up to $2000. You can find one that has the latest features and is easy to install. You can also choose a deluxe model, which will have more advanced features. For example, you can choose one that has a power saving mode. The cost of smart toilets can be a major factor in determining which toilet is right for you. A smart toilet can save you money on maintenance by cleaning and sterilizing itself automatically.

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